How Tall Are 2 Post Car Lifts?



When it comes to choosing the right car lift, one thing to keep in mind is how tall you are. Generally, you can choose a lift that is 10′ 3″ tall or one that is up to 12′ 6″. In the case of 2-post lifts, more information of Mechanic Superstore CRM you need to be at least 10′ 3″ to use them without compromising your safety.

10′ 3″

Two-post car lifts can be as tall as 10 feet three inches, and they have the added benefit of being safer than a single-post lift. These lifts feature padded auto-shutoff bars to prevent high-clearance vehicles from striking the upper support beam.

These lifts can lift up to thirty tons. They are equipped with two lifting rams, one fixed and one movable. This enables easy and safe movement of the vehicle. A two-post lift requires a minimum of 12 feet of space and a concrete slab that is four to six inches thick. The motor, which is included, is rated for two-hundred pounds per hour.

Atlas(r) OH-10X is a two-post commercial grade above-ground lift that is ideal for a commercial shop or for Mr. Homeowner. This 10,000-pound capacity two-post lift is the perfect fit for any automotive workshop, and its unique design allows it to lift a Smart Car to one-ton diesel dually.

The BendPak XPR-10AS-168 is a fast, reliable two-post car lift that has an extensive menu of features. Its high-speed lifting performance makes it ideal for fleet vehicles. This lift also has a 30-degree rotation for door-opening clearance. It also features a Tru-Metric carriage and arm design that allows for symmetrical loading and asymmetrical loading.

The Bendpak XPR-10AXLS is another two-post lift that features a more advanced lifting mechanism. It uses direct-drive cylinders, which minimizes the risk of leakage of hydraulic cylinder fluid. This lift can hoist a vehicle 75 inches off of the ground, which makes it an ideal choice for mechanics who are taller than average.

11′ 6″

The Race Tools Direct 11,000 lb direct drive overhead two-post car lift is a large brother to the RTD 9k Overhead lift. It is a high-quality, affordable lift that can handle a wider range of vehicles. Its single-point lock release allows it to safely lift and lower a wide variety of vehicles.

A two-post lift is a convenient option for garage owners because of its portability. It slides underneath the vehicle and extends to lift it from the frame, providing easy access to the wheels, tires, brakes, and chassis. This model has an 11′ 6″ height, making it an ideal option for garages with limited space.

Two-post car lifts can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Asymmetrical models have columns that are positioned directly across from each other, whereas symmetrical models feature arms that are offset. In addition, symmetrical lifts give you more drive-through clearance.

When it comes to commercial-grade lifts, two-post models are the most common. They have two posts on each side and arms that extend from the posts. These lifts are perfect for vehicles with long wheelbases, such as passenger cars. A symmetrical lift features two posts with varying height settings, making it a versatile option. The Atlas BP-10000 lift is ideal for a low-ceiling garage. The Atlas BP-10000 is equipped with a single-point lock release and a welded support gusset for added strength.

12′ 6″

The E12 two-post lift is designed with maximum headroom and space underneath vehicles. This heavy-duty lift provides plenty of headroom for day-to-day servicing and is available with an optional two-foot column height truck lift extension kit. This kit includes two height extensions (E12EH2, and E12EH3), a hose extension kit, and new cables.

The two-post style is available with a floor plate or clear-floor design. Both have steel plates to support equalization cables and hydraulic hoses. Top models typically have three-stage arms, and Challenger was the first to offer these lifts. They are ALI-certified and feature a unique Versymmetric feature that allows the car to be positioned either way or closer to the columns. This allows a shop owner to get the best of both worlds.

The XPR-12CL-LTA offers 72 inches of reach, which is perfect for hard-to-reach lift points. Another high-reach two-post lift is the BendPak XPR-10XLS, which is 12′ 6″ tall with optional Low-Pro(tm) arms and an extension kit. This model is ideal for vehicles of any size and weight.

When buying a two-post lift, it is important to measure the size of your garage. The optimal clearance height for two-post lifts is 11 to 12 feet with two feet between posts. Without this clearance, it is difficult to maneuver the vehicle around.